July 24, 2006

Now the REAL work begins…

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 24, 2006

Five days of the Comic-Con shuffle have finally come to an end, so that means the Mans get to take a well deserved break lounging by the pool, yes?

Hell’s no!

All of the San Diego hand shaking and chit-chat has paid off, and MOA is prepping for a half dozen meetings as a result of our glowing presence at the con, not to mention Joe Casey’s colgate smile. There’s blood in the water, and we’ll let you know if we spear any sharks when we can.

Camped out in Duncan’s office (and yes, it is as cool as it looks), getting my digital ducks in a row, I wanted to thank everyone once more for all of the support and big up love we were showed at the con. From the readers who have been along for the ride since Deadpool #1 to our newest converts sporting their Ben 10 tattoos, there are no fans on the planet like MOA fans, and I thank you all. Keep reading and watching and we’ll keep writing!

We’ve got a blog and we’re not afraid to use it, so I’ll see you here again soon.

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