July 4, 2018


#Metal is as American as Fourth o’ July! And today #MOA Joe Casey is bringin’ it!

Check out Joe & Ulises Farinas‘ newest strike force, New Lieutenants of Metal! They are the most kick-a$$, head-banging heroes ever assembled! They are a precision strike force, ready to face any threat! They are a metal militia of mayhem and they mean serious business! If you like blood and explosions… or if you like bloody explosions… this is the book you’ve been waiting in line outside the coliseum to read! Their names are legend: #TheMightyKreig#VandenborgRiot#Manowarrior#Steppenwulf! Beset from all sides by a growing roster of vicious foes, the #NewLieutenantsofMetal have arrived to bust down the doors of perception and deliver you to a greater comic book glory! Featuring the first appearance of Spike! OUT NOW!
#NLOM #NLOM #NLOM Image Comics