March 19, 2014

New Ben 10: Omniverse Ep. This Saturday!

Posted by MOA on March 19, 2014

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW EPISODE of Man of Action and Cartoon Network’s Ben 10: Omniverse this Saturday!

This week:

“Rad Monster Party”: As Ben, Rook, Rad, and Hobble fly through the Anur System, they end up crashing into Anur Transyl, needing a device to power-up their engine. But as they walk through the planet, the Halloween-like aliens think they’re the monsters. But that’s not they’re only problem, Kupuhulu tries to kidnap everyone, Zs’Skayr and Dr. Viktor return to get revenge on Ben, and Ben ends up breaking the device needed to get off the planet, leaving them stranded in Anur Transyl.  

Catch all new episodes Saturdays 9/8C only on Cartoon Network!

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