July 27, 2006

Nesting and Resting

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 27, 2006

Hey All,

So I’m finally back on the Right Coast again after a few days in L.A., doing the meeting thing and chilling with my Mans of Action. I like Cali just fine, especially San Francisco and San Diego, but that Hollywood vibe…something about it still triggers the fight or flight reflex in my New York brain. So it’s good to be home, and what says, “Hey, I’m back to work!” better than completely purging my office of half a ton of old crap?

Yes, on the one hand, cleaning is a way to procrastinate. I won’t lie. A writer once told me that you could tell he was having trouble on a story whenever his office was spotless. On the other hand, gutting the office always gives me the sense of a fresh start – a way to help externalize the quest for serenity and clarity. The Purge is a good thing, so long as on the other end, something good remains…

In this case? Here’s what’s on the plate for the immediate future:

1) Finishing a long overdue screenplay with Duncan. Action Horror. Sick sick fun.

2) Supergirl #11 – Special guests galore in this one, gang, as Supergirl makes a play to join a certain DCU team who live outside on the fringes.

3) Batman/Superman Annual – that Ryan Ottley is kicking butt and taking names, making this one hell of an issue! I gotta catch up!

4) An original graphic novel. You’ll hear more soon. This one’s been percolating for a while, but like a fine wine, its time has come.

There’s more stuff coming, but these are first in the queue to go. As each one gets checked off the list, I’ll let you know what head of the hydra has risen to take its place…

As soon as I windex all of the hardcovers and vacuum the toys…heh.

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