March 4, 2009


Posted by Steven T. Seagle on March 4, 2009

DARK DAYS IN MONKEY CITY, that is. The brand-spanking-new and very well-received Animal Planet show (an A- from Entertainment Weekly, thank you very much) has some MAN OF ACTION STUDIOS in its pedigree. MAN OF ACTION served as story editors and did development on the show. We worked with a pack of cool folks from Animal Planet (and we do mean planet as our co-workers were spread all over the world from Sri Lanka to New Zealand!). The producers brought us aboard to give DDMC a ‘graphic novel sensibility’ but we spent most of our time talking them into making those monkey stories more Shakespearean than superheroic! Give it a watch – new episodes every Tuesday night. And you can read an interview with MAN OF ACTION about the show at the Animal Planet website:

(and to answer an already e-mailed question, no, we don’t know why they singled out the two Joes in the intro!)

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