April 14, 2018


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Denver, Colorado friends! Come hang out this weekend with #MOAs Steven T. Seagle and Joe Kelly at the Dink Comic & Art Expo and be a part of some seriously ? panels! You’ll learn about:

?Building Worlds with Man of Action’s Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle
Sat. 04/14/2018, 01:30 pm King Kirby Main Stage, first floor

MAN OF ACTION creators Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle are creators/writers/executive producers who translate their own original ideas (BEN 10, GENERATOR REX, BIG HERO 6, I KILL GIANTS) and others’ (MEGA MAN, MARVEL’S AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) into hit TV shows, animation, film, and comics/graphic novels for their MAN OF ACTION imprint at Image Comics. MAN OF ACTION also has many upcoming live-action TV shows based on other MOA creations. This panel will help attendees visualize different ways to create original intellectual properties and will also explain how to translate them across media platforms.


?Joe Kelly Q&A on I Kill Giants, Man of Action, #Comics & #Writing
Sun. 04/15/2018, 01:00 pm King Kirby Main Stage, first floor

Ever wanted to ask a comics writing legend about how he comes up with the idea and crafts it into the comics you love? Man of Action’s Joe Kelly is your man for that! He turned his award-winning comic into the new critically-acclaimed I Kill Giants film and yes, he wrote the screenplay and was one of the producers. Kelly will walk you through the process from the idea to the page to the screen. And sure, he’ll also talk about his other comics, writing and story structure and his work with Man of Action Entertainment.


?Spotlight: GET NAKED with Steven T. Seagle
04/15/2018, 02:00 pm King Kirby Main Stage, first floor

GET NAKED with Steven T. Seagle. The author of the new Image Comics book GET NAKED – a collection of 19 graphic essays – will discuss his work on the book, what a graphic essay is, and present two live performances of the essays – text and visuals – in person. If you are a fan of travel writing, autobio comics, David Sedaris, or getting naked, this is the panel for you!