March 8, 2009


Posted by Steven T. Seagle on March 8, 2009

MAN OF ACTION STUDIOS has realized a major dream – we’ve produced our own line of comics! Published by Image Comics, the new books are created and written by the MAN OF ACTION guys (and in the case of Mr. Rouleau drawn and colored as well!). It all started with Joe Casey who was already set up at Image with GØDLAND, Krash Bastards, Nixon’s Pals and Charlatan Ball. But one day Casey was talking to Image main man and all around inspirer, Eric Stephenson, who asked when the rest of the MAN OF ACTION crew was going to make the move. Joe Kelly took the leap next with I Kill Giants and Four Eyes. But February was Image’s official MAN OF ACTION Month! All four MAN creators launched new books – SOUL KISS (by Steven T. Seagle & Marco Cinello); THE GREAT UNKNOWN (by Duncan Rouleau); BAD DOG (By Joe Kelly & Diego Greco) and CODEFLESH:DEFINITIVE EDITION (by Joe Casey & Charlie Adlard). All the MOA comics are at finer comic stores now (, and if you come visit us at Comic Con (San Diego) this year we’ll have huge free posters to commemorate the launch of the MAN OF ACTION books!

The Great UnknownSoul KissBAD DOG

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