September 29, 2006

Last Friday of September…

Posted by Joe Casey on September 29, 2006

Okay, okay… so ROCK BOTTOM doesn’t hit stands until next week. So sue me. Independent publishing, y’know… hard to trust the exact release months as solicited. But next week you can go out and buy it, read it, ponder it, whatever. Larry Young himself tells me it’ll be there.

It’s kind of the thing we all fight against… the idea that we can control our universe so precisely, when in fact, no one can. Personally, I keep trying. I think it’s achievable. One day I will control every facet of my existence, right down to the molecules in my own body.

A major project looming has forced me to completely abandon the concept of weekends. Too much work and not enough time to do it. Not that I ever really took weekends off before, but now it’s no longer even an option. This, on top of all the comicbook work going on at the moment, and the rest of the year is completely booked. Completely. Booked.

Remember what I said around Labor Day… about the “inhale” before the rush of adrenalin that carries us through to the New Year…? That was really wishful thinking. The amount of energy needed to get through all this will be considerable, and I’m not sure that I caught enough air three weeks ago.

In fact, how am I even getting the time to blog…?

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