September 4, 2006

‘Labor’ Day

Posted by Joe Casey on September 4, 2006

The Labor Day Weekend is like a giant inhale. The transition from Summer to Fall. Summer equals travel, conventions, vacations, fitting in scattershot work, meetings. Fall equals more focused work, less travel, a real sense of getting your ass down to business. This weekend is usually the last blast of easy living before the next onslaught of work and deadlines and committing to whatever it is you want to accomplish for the rest of the calendar year.

For me, this weekend is usually a lot of sitting around, thinking about projects, daydreaming stories, tons of pie-in-the-sky ambition. The world is wide open. By tonight, I’ll have pretty much decided exactly what the hell I’m going to be doing for the next four months, work-wise. A lot of gigs came to a satisfying conclusion over the summer. Finished up quite a few commitments that had been lingering for, imo, way too long. Now the slate is a little cleaner. Time to get messy again. Time to dive in to a bunch of projects that I’ll spend the rest of the year crawling my way out of. Trust me, this is a good thing.

Today the moment where anything is possible. In this business, doing what we do, this is the moment when you actually believe it. Personally, I love it. I love the feeling of unlimited potential. By tonight, though, something in my brain will switch over and the real work will begin.

Who’s with me…?


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