July 24, 2006

Kennel Cough and Bad Dreams

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 24, 2006

I talked soooo much that, like a dog with kennel cough that has barked the whole time the family was away… I lost my voice. It’s somwhere on the floor of the convention hall scattered underneath those piles of balled duct tape, discarded coke cups and w.i.n.k.s posters.

It was the biggest, loudest group of fourth level magic-users that have ever been assembled under one roof.

Here a a series of quicksnaps shots as they exit my head hopefully never to return…

…a 300 pound Wonder Woman

Lines around the block to play Gameboy Nintendogs…

…Scott Lobdel’s new mustasche

$9.00 slice of pizza…

And of course….swarms and swarms of backpacks over-stuffed with posters, sketch books, light sabers and shields of Rohan.

That is all… now I shall slip into a quick dead sleep from which only my supergirl may wake me.

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