February 26, 2008

Is it March already..?

Posted by Joe Kelly on February 26, 2008

So we were just cleaning up the MOA HQ as we’re wont to do each year that we don’t win an Oscar, and we uncovered our list of New Years Resolutions which include the following:

1) Blog more…oops. We’ll work on that one…

2) Create more awesome shows… pwhew! At least we’ve done that! Between the work we’ve done on The 7Cs, the new show we have in development with a CompaNy that cannot be named, AND another pride and joy project in the works, we’re covered on this one.

3) Publish creator-owned comics that will devastate the minds of all who read them…At last count there are SIX new books coming your way which we’ll be announcing very soon. No wonder we have no time to blog – we’re creating universes my friends…universes of fan-tacular goodness.

4) Use the word “fan-tacular” at least once…SCORE!

5) Continue to make Ben 10 the greatest cartoon on the planet…uh-huh! See the mysterious image at right to tease and please the darkest action-craving recesses of your cerebral cortices…

6) Eat more cake…Steve?

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