September 12, 2006

I second that emotion…

Posted by Joe Kelly on September 12, 2006

Leave it to the hipster in the sunglasses to bring a little sobriety to the blog. Didn’t get a lot of work done myself, yesterday. I should have, plenty to do, but then I made the mistake of watching them read the names, and that pretty much did my morning in. However, today is a new day…

And on tap? The story editing gig to pay the bills, then a stop over in the bloody pages of a horror-action script I’m writing with Duncan. Sometime later this week I’ll make it back to Metropolis to drop in on Supergirl and her new “special friend…” (You’ll have to see issue #11 for that tidbit.)

Then I’m planning the reshoot to finally finish my short film…Brothers’ Day

Then I put the finishing touches on my upcoming mini, I Kill Giants

Then it’s back to the swingin’ sixties with Jonny Quest. Yes, you heard me, I’m finishing it…

And, if the gods of paperwork and all things legal treat us with grace, some of those “big things” Joe C. hinted at a few weeks ago may finally be announce-able…in other words, it’s gonna be a hell of a month.

Happy September!

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