September 27, 2006


Posted by Joe Kelly on September 27, 2006

Question: What are ten years worth of comp comics good for?

Answer: Home improvement.

This is what happens when writers get blocked. They either clean, blog, or figure out other ways to create something. Case in point, my son’s room, where a little wallpaper glue and a bunch of old comics helped me through a bout with the blank page. (And for those of you clawing at the screen in horror – I have 25 copies of each issue used on the wall!) So why the blockage anyway, Binky..?

It’s fall. It’s that amazing time of year in the Northeast where everything changes. The give of the ground. The touch of the air. And of course those glorious colors. As the world is preparing to take a well deserved nap, I’m hit with the one-two punch of projects currently unfinished and the looming question mark of next year’s work. The wrestling match begins – finish project A or attack screenplay B. If Cartoon C is approved before Thanksgiving, that means comic book D has to bump to January. And so on until Mean Gene hits me with a folding chair. So where am I as the bell rings?

The Batman Superman Annual – I finished this bad boy yesterday, and if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face in some way shape or form, you are most likely an undead abhorrence in search of brains, not Superhero hijinx.

Brothers’ Day – My short film is almost finished. Within striking distance. For real.

Supergirl – Issue #10 hits the stands today, I think, and at the risk of piping off unnecessarily, I think it’s one of the more interesting stories I’ve done. I’m well into the next arc, and will be driving Kara in circles through crazytown through the holidays.

I Kill Giants – My beloved graphic novel needs only a handful of new pages to be artist ready. And since he’s going to start in a month, it’ll be finished in a few days.

Big Fat Animated Mystery News – As has been intimated by my fellow Mans, we have a LOT of good stuff happening that we can’t openly discuss. Three eggs incubating at a rapid pace, with at least one or two set to hatch in the next month or so.

New comics – Again, on the QT, I’m developing two new independent comics that will hopefully see the light of day soon. At least one of them will have the honor of becoming a “case study” for anyone who gives a damn here on the site. I’ll walk you through the genesis of the project, the pitch, and (hopefully) the process of producing the thing.

I think I need to go tile the bathroom with laminated Comic Code Stamps…

Happy Autumn!

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