April 11, 2010

Douglas Fredericks makes a cameo in “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?”

Posted by MOA on April 11, 2010

Tyler Perry’s newest hit comedy, Why Did I Get Married Too?, features a cameo appearance by an unexpected member of the MAN OF ACTION Studios family. Joe Kelly and Ben Roman’s original children’s/YA book Douglas Fredericks and the House of They was hand selected by Perry to appear as the book being read by a father to his child in the film. Perry’s company 34th Street Films explains, “[Tyler] responded to this story about a little boy who was told constantly he couldn’t do something and decides to challenge the powers that be and take maters into his own hands, which seems to mirror his own story.” Thanks, Tyler!

Variety’s review of the film and nod to the book can be found here.

“Douglas Fredericks and the House of They” was published in 2009 by Man of Action Studios and Image Comics and tells the story of a young inventor trying to build the perfect present for his parents’ anniversary, only to be stymied repeatedly by a mysterious authority called “They.” Refusing to take no for an answer, Douglas embarks on a journey to the titular House of They and learns the value of standing up for one’s beliefs. The book is available for order from comic shops, Diamond, and Amazon.

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