March 11, 2009


Posted by Joe Casey on March 11, 2009

So, apparently, the MOA site is back up and running with a new webgod, aiding and abetting our avoidance of work and speak directly to our legions of fans spread far and wide across the Internets. Between this and the transcript to the infamous Lucas/Spielberg/Kasdan RAIDERS story conference, there’s not much time to get busy with my current gigs for the Big Two today. Speaking of which, if you want to read me spouting off on one of them — in this case, the upcoming DC Comics mini-series called DANCE — head on over to Comic Book Resources and get… well, not the full scoop, but some info on how I’m going to wrangle the Super Young Team.

A choice excerpt:

CBR : What can you share with us heading into the series? Any details on what we might see and who these heroes really are?

Casey: I can tell you that in #1 you’ll see Super Young Team in their hot new satellite headquarters, complete with a trophy room full of superhero trophies that aren’t even theirs. Beyond that, you’ll see them fight an unseen enemy. You’ll see how the world reacts to how fucking fabulous they are. You’ll see them dealing with feelings of love and rejection. You’ll see a bit of cosplay. You’ll see the return of Innovative Concepts, Inc. (‘80s shout-out, yo!). You’ll see the fate of Midway City. And you might even see Most Excellent Superbat make out with himself. And that’s just off the top of my head. I have a list written down somewhere.

Most Excellent Superbat twitters way too much. Big Atomic Lantern Boy’s got an insatiable appetite. Shiny Happy Aquazon’s got superpowers we haven’t seen yet. Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash’s quicker than you think and Shy Crazy Lolita Canary… well, she likes to get her drink on. How’s that?

More in the link.

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