July 23, 2006

Bar Fly

Posted by Steven T. Seagle on July 23, 2006

So I don’t really drink. Not out of some puritan ethic, just don’t like to. If you do drink, just imagine pulling alchohol out of your existance and replacing it with sugar and that’s my drunk.

That said, there’s no way you can go to Comicon and not spend all night in the bars of the Hyatt. It’s the place. Everyone’s there. If you ever wanted to have a heart-to-heart with some pro you like, the Hyatt bar is the place to have it happen.

So last night I chatted up a huge contingent of cool Canadians – talked sh*t with my MAN OF ACTION cronies minus Duncan who took his kid to the Masquerade Ball (apparently the D dressed up in a startlingly convincing Sailor Moon outfit…) – Caught up with my first collaborator ever KAFKA’s Stefano Gaudiano – Caught up with my newest partner, Tara McPherson (we’re doing a 120+ page graphic novel for Vertigo and you heard it here first!) – I talked to Grant Morrison, but couldn’t focus because he was wearing the coolest shirt I’ve ever seen in – I ran into many a friend from the recent Barcelona Con including the cutest couple in comics – Marvels Marts’s.

Of course now I’m tiired and late for the DC booth, so more later.

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