July 23, 2006

5:00 PM in San Diego…

Posted by Joe Casey on July 23, 2006

… and the Con doors are closing. As we gear up to tear down the massive MOA extravaganza of a booth, we’re feeling pretty good that we pulled all this off. We’re still alive. That’s almost the best you can hope for at the end of Sunday.

Rest assured, it’s only just beginning here at www.manofaction.tv. Hopefully, all of you who’ve been reading through this Con experience have our page bookmarked, because we’ll still be here, collectively blogging our asses off on every subject under the sun… from comicbooks to animation to movies to television to video games and beyond.

This was a helluva way to relaunch the site. Big ups to JG for the hard work and on-the-spot tech support that made all this possible. To all the guest bloggers, our heartfelt thanks. There’s a reason we call these folks our friends, both old and new.

My MOA partners might pop back on to put their own cap on this cookie tin, but for me, this is it.

Until tomorrow, of course.

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