February 27, 2014

New Ben 10: Omniverse Ep. This Saturday!

Posted by MOA on February 27, 2014

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW EPISODE of Man of Action and Cartoon Network’s Ben 10: Omniverse this Saturday!

This week:

“Bengeance Is Mine”: Bill Gacks, an (actual) human plumber who resembles Vilgax, accidentally activates a weapon Vilgax set to attack Bellwood while fixing Pakmar’s plumbing in Undertown. When Psyphon returns, he believes Bill is Vilgax, and, elated that his master has returned, pledges to help him in anyway to destroy Bellwood. Meanwhile Ben and Rook try to stop Vilgax’s squid monsters that the weapon accidentally released. 

Catch all new episodes Saturdays 9/8C only on Cartoon Network!

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