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The return of harmony in the postpartum period

You must not argue that pregnancy is the most wonderful unforgettable period in the life of almost every woman. The only thing that can spoil the mood of the newly-made mother is the sight in the mirror of her body, which has lost its attractiveness after childbirth. It seems to her that the changes that have occurred to her are irreversible.
Yes, during pregnancy it is problematic to refuse something tasty, especially when you want it with great force, and doctors do not advise future mothers to stick to any diets, except when one of them is obese or starts to gain excess weight. The fact is that following a diet can lead to problems with the health of the woman herself, which, in turn, will necessarily affect the condition and development of the crumbs. It is known that the baby in the womb receives all the important and necessary substances from her mother, or rather, from those products that she eats. In nine months, any woman is gaining weight. As a rule, for this entire period she should gain no more than thirteen kilograms. If this indicator is not exceeded, then after giving birth it is not so difficult to return to form.
After giving birth, it is also impossible to lose weight with diets, especially for mothers who are breastfeeding. It is clear that dietary restrictions will necessarily affect the quality of breast milk. And further down the chain, that is, the child will not receive the vitamins and minerals he needs, as a result, and protection for immunity, which means he will be susceptible to various diseases.
But to organize proper nutrition for a newly made mother is quite realistic, which will help to reduce weight, and also will not harm the health of her child. In this case, you should remember the basics of organizing proper nutrition. Various foods containing preservatives, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, chips, canned foods, are completely unsuitable for young mothers. First of all, they pose a potential threat to the health of the crumbs, and also “slow down” the process of losing weight. The bans also apply to various fatty foods, as well as spicy and smoked foods. It is better to "lean" on dietary varieties of meat, vegetables, fruits, and also use as much fluid as possible.
In order not to experience a constant feeling of hunger, it is better for mom to eat up to six times a day and only in small portions. "Fractional" nutrition brings her only benefit in the process of losing weight.