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Quiet baby

Behaves quietly, parents obey, gold, not a child. Such behavior is encouraged when the child is small, but only needs to grow up a little, the lack of the ability to communicate with peers and stand up for themselves would be very useful in later life. But do not exaggerate, all people have strengths and weaknesses. Quiet children, like fidgets, also need help in solving problems that they cannot cope alone.
Each child is individual, there are children who love noisy games, but there are vice versa who do not like noise and fuss. Do not force the child to be like everyone else, give him the right to choose. The child himself sees that it is different from others, explain that all people are different and this is completely normal. You should not be the reason for the origin of the children's complex, because it is not like everyone else, forgetting to explain it to him. Quiet children criticize themselves more than others, so you need to pay more attention to their advantages than disadvantages, take this into account when raising a child. Here are some suggestions:
- Never compare the child with other children, this will not bring educational benefits, but will bring a lot of harm, developing complexes in the child.
- Let him study the world at such a speed as he is comfortable, do not rush it.
- Performing actions on their own, at a convenient pace, the baby will benefit greatly from this.
- Praise the sparking for the success of your child, the falsehood of the children feel good.
- It is necessary to encourage in every possible way, if the child wants to help you with household chores, tasks should be chosen that he can easily perform himself.
- Give the opportunity to complete your joint business, for example, press the button on the washing machine. Ask for his opinion, it’s very important for the baby to know that he is treated as an equal.
- Try to look at the actions of the child. "I'm sorry that you broke this cup, but you were in such a hurry to do everything as quickly as possible and did not notice it." This is very important for the baby.
Quiet children are stronger than others attached to their parents and are not in a hurry to get rid of this guardianship. And parents pull this moment as far as possible, giving him more time and knowledge. Such children are well intellectually developed, but getting into an unusual situation for themselves, they are lost. This is because they are used to following their parents' instructions without showing initiative. Parents did not instill in him independence in decision making. Unquestioningly obedient child gives less care to their parents in childhood, but is this the best preparation for future life? After all, life is constantly changing and there are no ready-made recipes. How to avoid this:
- If the child can do it himself, let him do it. And if you provide help, then do it with him, and not for him.
- The child has the right to commit his mistakes, if this does not threaten him, then let him make them and learn. Such lessons are best remembered.
- You can develop creativity with the help of developing games.
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