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Assassin's Creed: Revelations Tips - Mission # 013

Memory 8 - Guardian of the Mentor

Full synchronization: save all citizens under attack.

To start the memory, go to the table in the headquarters of the assassins and press B. This time you will take on the role of the ancestor of Ezio - Altair.

After the end of the cinema, quickly run towards the enemies and start the battle.

You need to get to the top of the hill, where your mentor is waiting for you. If you want, you can run there, avoiding any fights.

But to get complete synchronization, you first need to save four citizens. They are marked with black dots on the minimap. The first one can be found to the left of the beginning of this level. Kill all the Templars threatening him, and people will flee to a safe place.

To get to the other victim, go to the village exit and turn left. Walking along the wall, you should see a black dot on the map.

Two more victims can be found in the upper part of the hill, to the left of the path. They stand next to each other, so you should have no problem finding them. After saving the last citizen, you will receive a message confirming the completion of the additional mission.

Memory 9 - The Curse of the Gypsies

Full synchronization: poisoning all your goals, mixing with gypsies.

In order to quickly go to the place marked on the map, use the nearest entrance to the sewer.

Now it’s enough to choose a suitable place on the map, and you will immediately move there.

After talking with the gypsy leader, go to the indicated location and hire a group of gypsies (B). If you go between them, you will be automatically hidden.

Women will lead you to the first thief. Then select dart venom as a weapon, and then hit it with your victim (Y). During the attack, you must constantly be between the gypsies, because otherwise you will not get full synchronization.

As soon as a person dies, follow the others and kill them as soon as they are marked with red eyesight. Remember to stay among women.

When all the thieves are dead, grab the chest. You must take him to a nearby Gypsy camp, which is marked on your map. Do not worry about the guards while walking. All of them will run away from the damned object.

When you get to your destination, the memory will end.

Memory 10 - Sentinel

Full synchronization: not to be detected during the search for prisoners.

After the mission begins, go to the student and talk with him. He will inform you of the killers who were imprisoned by one of the Templars. Both goals will be marked on your map.

Go to the indicated place and find the prisoners. They are guarded by soldiers who, nevertheless, will not attack you until you get close to the killers. You can divert the attention of soldiers in two ways. The first solution is to use the help of gypsies. Hire a group of women, and then walk with them near the guards. Men will quickly lose interest in prisoners and begin to chase dancers.

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