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Assassin's Creed 3 Tips - Mission: Continuing Education Course, Deadly Show, Journey Into a New World

Welcome to the Assassin's Creed 3 guide. This publication contains a full description of the main story missions, as well as many types of side missions. Each description also contains tips for completing tasks with complete synchronization. If you are having trouble finding anything in the game world, the supplied maps can help you. Enjoy reading and have fun!

Passage for the mission in the first sequence in Assassin's Creed 3, with full synchronization. Each mission has mission objectives and complete completion.

Sequence 1 - Continuing education course
Perform an air kill.
Sync with your ancestor.

Go forward to the cave. After a while, the sequence of the film begins, after which access to the further part of the location will be unlocked. Go forward. After the next break, go down the steep slope and continue driving.

You get into Animus, so it's time to remember the basics of the game or - if you are first getting acquainted with the series - learn how to manage. Follow the green icon, jumping and rising to higher levels. Read the on-screen prompts to help you familiarize yourself with the keyboard. After some time, you will reach your first opponent - jump on him and make an air kill. After a few meters, repeat the same movement on another enemy. Go to the next green marker. From now on, you will lead the actions of Kenway Haytham. Go ahead and go to the door of the opera, where you will begin the next mission.

Sequence 1 - Deadly Show

Eliminate the purpose of the opera.

Climb the stairs and in the opera room go to the green marker. After a short conversation, activate Eagle Vision to find the target. He is in one of the boxes on the right. To get there, get out of your seat and go left. In a niche you will notice a staircase - step on it and, holding the palms of the protruding elements, move to the right until you enter the opera hall. After passing the second house (with a kissing couple), rise to the level and again to the right, until you reach the green marker - the closed door. Open them with your equipment.

You are in close proximity to the scene. Leap on a decor element - a cloud with the sun. When it drops to a certain point, go to the left side, then go up and jump to the next decoration - the moon. Go left again until you reach the door marked with a green icon. You will enter them into the house where your target is located. After a short conversation, kill the person - so you take his amulet.

Use high speed to follow the green marker to exit the opera.