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Minecraft: Y8 Game Overview

The mysterious man with a hat and a beard, known as Markus Persson , even better known as Notch, apparently can safely be called the most successful independent developer. His creation Minecraft has recently stepped over the bar of four million copies sold and does not intend to stop. Not every blockbuster can boast of such numbers, and even before the official release. But what is this, what is the matter? Is this game capable of zombifying and forcing people to buy themselves, regardless of religion, political beliefs and mentality? Well, let's study this phenomenon in more detail.

I want to immediately warn everyone familiar with the phenomenon that this material is mainly intended for those who are practically unfamiliar with Minecraft. Play best Y8 Games at the website. Those who have played have probably already formed their own opinions, and the experience of observing blogs tells me that such people are divided into two camps: some would put the game “amazingly” and everything that was possible, while others - “garbage” or the best case is "prohodnik".

So, we’ll start the autopsy. The first thing to get used to in the local scenery is their cubicity. Everything is angular - the animals seem to be glued from cardboard, and the tools are pixelated to the extreme. The picture as a whole looks like a dashing greetings from the nineties - at first you just expect that Mario or Pakman will jump from around the corner.

The second key feature is freedom. Complete, undivided power over what your ward will do inside this generated unique little world. Different occupations - a million: dig, break, build, kill, steal, create, burn, explore, contemplate and so on. Limitations arise only for purely technical reasons.

Then begins an absolutely unpredictable flight of fantasy - railways, subways, medieval castles, statues, ships, complex mechanisms, entire villages and even cities arise. The latter, however, is found mainly in multi-player, because to build one whole city for himself ... Well, it takes a lot of time and enthusiasm.

And this is where the problems begin. Essentially speaking, Minecraft- This is a blank sheet. If you wish, you can take and write a story, a poem on it or draw a landscape. Or origami folded some. However, this sheet in itself is just paper; It doesn’t entertain, but gives you the opportunity to entertain yourself.

Therefore, before starting it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with at least some material from the category "How to become a cool miner." Otherwise, you run the risk of racking your brains over the first few hours over questions such as “how do you cut a tree?” Or “why is the stone not mined, but simply disappears?” The easiest way to learn the basics with the help of the so-called let’s play, which in myriad quantities live on YouTube. An alternative way is to go and smoke the corresponding article on Wikipedia, where almost all aspects of the gameplay are clearly and simply revealed.

MinecraftThe third option is to watch the recordings of the streams conducted by the team “Blades of Happiness”, where in an interactive and entertaining form we tried to reveal the essence of the game as accessible as possible. The first broadcast was just an acquaintance with the projects, and in the second we talked about a local attraction called redstone.

And then you can safely embark on a journey through the endless cubic world. More precisely, in three worlds. In addition to the usual, familiar to the eye environment, divided into biomes for greater beauty (swamps, deciduous and coniferous forests, deserts, hills and other interesting places), there are a couple of parallel measurements. One of them is hell, mostly flooded with lava, as befits any self-respecting underworld. Local residents are characterized by increased hostility, and the scenery - gloomy grandeur. The second alternative reality is called Mir Ender and is the abode of endermen, dragons and strange phallic obsidian gizmos. Feels like a kind of first layer of Twilight from the works of Lukyanenko .

However, disassembling and reassembling a world made up of cubes bothers one quickly enough. Sooner or later, even in the most inventive and resourceful head, the desire arises to do this with someone. And here opens the second bottom of Minecraft - multiplayer. Yes, friends, here you can engage in group construction of epic buildings, cities, towns, dungeons, and all that one liked to do before.

We add here the fact that the miners' craft, thanks to the fans, has overgrown with an incredible amount of a wide variety of modifications. From banal new blocks to the introduction of the most natural portal gun into the local gameplay! There are modifications for the network game - to protect your own home, the distribution of work and numerous console improvements.

Let us return to the conversation about a clean slate begun above. The storyline is limited to yellow inscriptions in the main menu, that is, it is absent. Minecraft is a sandbox for the sandbox, no more and no less. The existing conditional credits, although they give some right to the person who saw them, to declare: “I passed the game”, but this is akin to statements about the passage of The Sims. The game is endless, boundless and aimless.
MinecraftAnd you guys should know what's scary here. Especially at night and at great depths. Most often, monsters appear at night. Zombies, spiders and skeleton archers do not need a description, but I’ll tell you a little about the two most unusual villains. The legendary green beast, fan of hugs, is a creeper. He will spoil you a lot of nerves until you learn to either avoid them or fight them. Such monsters act simply - when they see a hero, they begin to creep up to him quietly, and when they are nearby they briefly hiss and explode.

The second unusual beast is called enderman and scares rather by its appearance. An interesting fact about these black giants with thin handles is that they can teleport and will not attack you until you look into their eyes.
It just so happened that in the summer I wrote a review of Terraria . And there the idea was stated that Terraria is not Minecraft , but a kind of Diablo . Now it’s time to remember this, because now, after the release of both time killers, the difference between them has been reduced to a minimum. Both there and there you can engage in the extraction of resources, fight against monsters, take a walk to hell, alchemize and enchant weapons, but the approach to the process is different. "Terraria" constantly warms up an ordinary manchkin, eager for new things, while in Minecraftthis munchkin is creative and regularly feeds not on thoughts of new armor, but on questions like “can I design such a thing?” After all, as you know, it’s not enough just to chop a hundred trees to build a really impressive fortress. You must be able to manage resources, arrange cubes in their places.

To draw a line, no matter how strange it may sound, is too early. Minecraft is constantly growing and developing, and the release point is almost like the release of the next update at number 0.9.1, but only with the official start of sales and the long-awaited appearance of the Quit button in the main menu. It’s impossible to predict how many different things the creators shove here.

The intermediate results are as follows: Minecraft is one of the most malicious and merciless killers of the time. The chance to create a world and change it beyond recognition as you would like. Or several people. And the main thing here is freedom. Freedom of creativity and expression. And the one who comes here for something else invariably does not understand how you can play this for days and have fun.

Pros: complete and undivided freedom of creativity; excellent card generator; unusual opponents; pixel styling.
Cons: Killing time without pity.