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Elements of War: Friv Game Overview

Imitation in our industry is a common thing. If any innovative project comes out, and the developers have an uniquely healthy idea, it will be stolen. It's time to get used to it. But they didn’t pay attention to World in Conflict . That is, the glory was inferior: users recognized, the public voted in rubles and, as we have now , in all sorts of “games of the year”, but our colleagues did not adopt ideas.

We thought an exception. This also happens. Sometimes what lies well is badly stolen. However, the rule was again confirmed. And, recalling the famous saying “Everyone says“ plagiarism, ”and we say“ tradition ”, our craftsmen from Playnatic and Lesta decided to take off their hat in front of World in Conflictcreatively borrowing good finds to create his own game - Elements of War.

No, I won’t shout that plagiarism is in front of us and the project can be boldly called a clone through our teeth. Next, we will examine why Elements of War is quite distinctive. But when you just start the campaign, the Swedish winds make their way to the bone.

Staging, submission of the plot and even gameplay at the beginning - all this is done in a very WiC -style. We are shown how first the big chiefs talk to the headquarters and give the assignment, and then in the middle of the missions, the hostilities are interrupted in order to allow our soldiers to discuss everyday affairs: price increases, bad weather, mountains of corpses that smolder five meters from tanks.

The idea of ​​"invasion" of the United States is not disclosed immediately. It all starts with the fact that America suffers, and suffers fundamentally, from terrifying natural disasters. And the raging elements decide to calm ... the military. Fighters to disperse thunderclouds - what is not an option?

Well, then a completely different story will go, where the Russians are normal guys, helping the States deal with scoundrels who indulge in bad weather. And, curiously, the plot is quite sane. Here the ideas from Western colleagues are not accepted, the actors of the theater of the absurd are sent on vacation without content.

Kill with rain Elements of War developers are not only borrowing a plot presentation system, in general, the gameplay is very similar to World in Conflict . We have several units of different directions (snipers, machine gunners, machine gunners, tanks, armored personnel carriers, later all sorts of large humanoid robots and other guys with wunderwafers) and the ability to sometimes receive reinforcements. Next is the classic. We run from one point to another, there we storm the enemy’s positions, then we defend them, then we accompany someone. Everything is simple, but there is tactical depth. Now it’s even a rarity. Often, we can simply select all the troops and with God's help and the hope of randomly complete 90% of the missions. A couple of times, probably, it will be necessary to arrange save / load, but in general the method is effective.

Elements of War is all wrong. Cards, although small, but they are well designed. There is always a workaround, even two. You can separate the units, shove the whole bunch ahead, you can combine units and rely on a certain type of troops. In this, the project is partly reminiscent of the recent “Confrontation 3D” or “Blitzkriegs” , although it is getting bigger and deeper there.

However, such battles are familiar. And now it is no longer quoted. If there is no "chip" - this is bad. In Elements of War it is, and the so-called Elementals - weather weapon. Instead of causing an airstrike on the enemy, you can bring down an earthquake. Gouging completely the city where the spiteful person is located, and with a smile on his face drive through the ruins.

In addition to the earthquake, there are other types of weather weapons. For example, a tornado or ball lightning. Both that and another also looks excellent. The destruction in the game is almost complete, so the first applications are more aesthetic pleasure than strategic calculation. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

About the network mode, we thought to make separate material. Still, this is actually a separate game. In the campaign, we have one goal, in the network mode - other. Yes, and if the plot component of Elements of War is sold in boxes, then the multiplayer is distributed via the free2play system and is now still in the open beta test stage.

Network mode is already less like World in Conflict . Here we are fighting not with any specific types of troops, but with all at once (although there were such modes in the Massive Entertainment project as well). But the main difference is that the battles here are not held on separate, unrelated servers. Each fight is part of a grand battle for America.

How inEndWar, we were given a global map, which is divided into provinces. Half of the locations belong to Russia, half to the USA. On the border territories, everyone is chopped. You buy troops, form them into units, and then go to the border, where you select one of the “provinces on fire” and wait a few minutes before the start of the battle.

When a territory is attacked, this is reported to all players. And if there are free ones, they go to defend the area or to help capture it. Just two or three minutes are given for preparation. If there are no unoccupied users, bots will come to their aid instead.

It seems nice. In fact, do not fight the three against four? Better let the bot help the team. Not the smartest ally, but he has troops, and these troops will interfere with enemies. Everything is right here, the trouble is different. Now in a battle of eight armies, only one is under human control.

An absurd situation: you go to the server, and you go not at night and not early in the morning, but in the evening or afternoon, but online - seven people. And everyone fights separately. One is fighting in the north, the other is taking the southern provinces, the third is generally just flooding in the chat. However, even if there are many users on the network (the local “a lot” is about a hundred), it’s not a fact that you will confront people. Yes, and the United States are reluctant.

Only in exceptional cases can such a chapter appear. And Elements of War , alas, is just one of the “exceptions”. She is extremely unstable. Moreover, if we scolded Disciples 3 for bugs and imbalances, then here the main trouble is crashes. Once EoW gave me a BSOD ten times in a row. After reinstallation, half of the save does not work, an attempt to download the campaign causes an instant "blue screen of death". I don’t get out of the game. I am afraid that the computer will simply burn out.

As often happens, the idea is not bad, but the implementation was a little disappointing. And in many ways. Here we see beautiful models of technology, but the environment is poor. Elements of War was released at the end of 2010, but it looks no better than World in Conflict . The plot of the campaign, although not delusional, can’t be called fascinating either. The gameplay is deep, but the local depth is relative. So far, the main hope for network mode remains. Now he is in beta test, and bribes from him are smooth. We are waiting for a full release. The potential in it is huge. And when the developers finish everything, we will devote a separate review exclusively to multiplayer. And for the campaign we will put it “commendable” - in the hope that the crashes will be fixed.

Pros: good battles; weather weapons; models of fighters.
Cons: a lot of what we have seen before; weak picture; departures.