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Holidays in Nessebar, Bulgaria - interesting places, attractions

A two-person city where many cultures have been intertwined since its inception. For this reason alone, it is clear that Nessebar has a very specific face that you will not see anywhere else. But this is not the only attraction that the city can offer.

Old and new city
The city of Nessebar is located on a long peninsula and, of course, is divided into two parts. Here you can find the New City, which is also a suburb of Nessebar, but it is still larger than the original, the second part of the city, Old Nessebar.
The old city is full of monuments. Most interesting are old houses with wooden floors. This is mainly because the expansion of the city on the peninsula in width was not entirely possible. Old Nessebar is also one of the best preserved old medieval cities in Bulgaria, which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even the magnificent walls and towers that preserved the city in the 5th century have been preserved.
You can also find the remains of the Byzantine capital temple Starata Metropolia, whose origin dates back to the 6th century. Near the temple is also a fountain - a beautifully preserved example of water management at that time. And while we are at the waterworks, it is necessary to report that even the ruins of old Roman baths were discovered in Nessebar. They can be identified mainly by two stone domes next to each other.
At the same time, it is also worth noting the Nessebar windmills that grew up here during the Bulgarian national revival, that is, in the 18-19 centuries, one of which even protects the border of the new and old cities.
In addition, there you can find the Archaeological Museum, where you can still recall the old days, after a walk through the archaeological open-air museum, which will be called the city itself.

City churches
There are also many churches. Everything is different and something interesting, so you definitely won’t be bored. Perhaps the most famous is the church of Christ Pantocrator, which rightfully became the most photographed church. It is interesting for its original architecture, especially for its special arched facade, and especially for its very ornate interior. This is even one of the ten best preserved medieval churches in Bulgaria.
Another similar typical non-Sebar church is a church dedicated to two great archangels, Michael and Gabriel. It is even located in a slightly quieter part of the city, outside the most burdened streets of Nessebar. However, the only active church of all eleven today is the Church of the Holy Virgin, where there is even a freely accessible collection of icons. Watch Live Cams Now! No Registration Required - 100% Free Uncensored Adult Chat. Watch the best in webcam matures live you will get to connect with the nastiest, most sexy sexy mothers on the globe ! Live sex chat with the hottest mature webcam girls on our high quality live sex cams & make your own sex show featuring: mature live sex, MILF webcams, MILF sex shows, MILF mature sex, hot mature sex cams.