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Remember Me: Friv Game Overview

Remember Me, many of us have been waiting. Not least thanks to the generous promises of the developers to combine cyberpunk, acrobatics and even some interesting memory games. One could safely assume that something unique was being prepared. Publishers regularly quenched the curiosity of the gaming community with preview versions, so we already managed to talk about certain aspects of the gameplay . Now the project has finally appeared before us in full growth, and we have the opportunity to evaluate the whole picture. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

before us is another version of the dystopian prognosis. Neo-Paris, the future. Thanks to Memorize’s developments, human memories are no longer a private area of ​​the individual: they are all written on a special microchip attached to the back of the head - the “sensine”. From now on, not a single detail of one's own experience can be accidentally forgotten. People experience old feelings: the joy of first love, the taste of long-drunk drinks, smells and melodies - as bright as the first time. The problem of bad and unpleasant memories is solved very simply - they are easily deleted, like computer files.

The functions of an imperfect brain are shifted to sensory disruptions. However, changing the carrier of memories is fraught with negative consequences. The fact is that human memory becomes a public domain - access to it can be obtained not only by the direct owner of the chip, but also by any other person. This moment is problematized by authors. An attempt to step over the prohibitions of nature leads to total social control - everyone's memory can be "spied" by deleting unnecessary information or even changing it.

This is precisely what the main character Nilin, who is a participant in the “errorists” movement, is trying to break the existing inhumane order by any means. But Memorize deals with enemies uncompromisingly - it erases their memory, destroying the foundation of the individual. Those who have undergone such a procedure become "bastards" - the scum of society, nesting somewhere in the outskirts of Neo-Paris.

This "purge" was subjected to Nilin. Fortunately, the girl showed resistance to the procedure, which saved some of her memories. It is not known where the guy Kray, the head of the rebels, came from, tells Nilin what to do and how to recover from “amnesia”.

On the heroine's return of her own past, the plot of Remember Me is built . In parallel, Nilin will engage in revolutionary subversive activities, destroying the important strategic centers of Memorize Corporation. Gradually, the narrative will turn into a serious psychological drama. Nilin loses confidence in the correctness of his own position, and the plot reveals very unexpected facets. Although the ending does not raise as many questions as in the recent BioShock Infinite , it is beautiful, dramatic, and nobly crowns the story told.

The developers have created a truly thoughtful and multifaceted world, information about which is disclosed in a variety of notes scattered across the levels. So, we can learn the history of Neo-Paris, get information about celebrities and attractions of the city. From the point of view of design, there are no complaints either - all levels are made in a unique style and are not similar to each other. Signs hanging in the air, robots flying and wandering the streets, futuristic architecture - all this forms the atmosphere of cyberpunk luxury. The picture is complemented by melodic music, "torn" into pieces during the battle.

The only thing that somewhat affects the perception and what we complained about earlier when playing the preview version is the impenetrable linearity of levels. Very often you want to walk in the streets of the city in free mode. However, after passing you understand that literally in one breath I experienced a splendidly staged adventure.

In general, Remember Me on time dilutes the progression of the plot with perfectly set cut scenes. At the same time, the camera always selects the ideal angles, showing the views of Paris, and in such a hurricane of dynamics and beauty you completely forget about the crowded local streets and the highlighting of ledges suitable for climbing.

If we distract from the unusual style, it turns out that the gameplay does not offer us anything new. Spectacular jumps ending in trauma to the main character, we have already seen inTomb Raider and other similar games. The original component of Remember Me is discovered when it comes to fighting.

It is thanks to the battles that Remember Me does not turn into another game with scanty gameplay and an abyss of special effects. And if at first the various types of strokes (dealing damage, healing the heroine or restoring her energy), which must be combined into bundles, are slightly discouraged, then later, when you get used to the cunning system, you will realize all the potential hidden in it.

The number of active strokes that can be included in combinations is limited and increases as you progress. So, at first we pick the enemies with almost single pokes, but then five- and eight-hit series will become available to us, which is far from always realized. If during the execution of the combo Nilin is hit by an enemy attack, the series will be interrupted. And this can affect the result of the fight, because only the last blows in the bunch have a great effect. Therefore, you have to dodge on time, carefully following the red indicators above the heads of opponents.

But the main advantage of such a combat system is the possibility of its situational application. Each type of enemies requires a special method of its destruction. For example, an attack by elite security forces causes Nilin to reverse the damage, so to avoid suicide, you need to use blows treating the heroine. Some bosses are invulnerable to normal attacks and require the use of abilities. The latter have a considerable "cooldown", to accelerate which a special type of tricks is also provided. In general, the combinatorial combat system was not just a PR feint of developers and very interestingly fit into the game concept.

The same applies to other capabilities of Nilin: five abilities and “spammer” - a wrist device for long-range combat. Robots, invisible sculpts, fighters with shields - each of the rivals requires a special approach and the use of certain skills. Although in some places it seems that the battles lack dynamics, in general, the Remember Me combat system looks pretty fresh. True, from the visual side it is far from ideal - the animation is very poor, and after the stunning Batman: Arkham City, a quickly boring set of similar movements hurts the eye.

Perhaps the ability to create your own combinations of punches is the only thing Remember Me has in terms of gameplay. A couple of times during the game we will be asked to solve puzzles like “How many paws have a spider?” And “What is the freezing temperature of water?”. Not to say that it is difficult, however, these tasks are arranged as if we are solving the most important secrets of mankind.

Four times for passing we will be given the opportunity to personally participate in the professional business of Nilin - changing memories. In practice, it looks like a two-minute video demonstrating at some point in the life of our victim with “refraction points” - we are allowed to edit individual fragments, thereby influencing the further development of the plot of the video.

For example, in the original memory, a drunken man in a rage points a gun at his wife, and only a fuse saves him from a terrible mistake. We can unlock the weapon and make the guy believe that he killed his wife. These episodes look quite funny, it is interesting to observe the so-called butterfly effect - changing the smallest details in the memory of one person radically breaks his fate and even the course of the whole plot. But from the point of view of gameplay, the episodes are of no value - the number of fragments of memory to be edited is small, and it is easy to select the desired chain. There is a feeling that you are an editor who makes up the ordered sequence of frames, and not a god who rewrites the history of mankind.

The creation of Dontnod Entertainment has a telling name - Remember Me loudly shouts to the gaming community: “Remember me!”, Trying to hit the hearts of gamers with a great style, a curious combat system and “editable” videos. In general, the game is an expensive mainstream product that cannot be bad. However, the developers followed the beaten paths of the game industry, not daring to take risks, and thereby determined the fate of their project - Remember Me carries away, but is not remembered.

Pros: fried eggs on the back of the head; anti-utopian romance; power over someone else's memory; intriguing plot; quite interesting combat mechanics.
Minuses: corridor levels; not too spectacular battles; secondary gameplay concept.