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Greedy Dwarf: Overview Friv Game

Each of us would like to be in the place of this greedy gnome. Ride on a sturdy cart, collect gold and giggle viciously. Yes, everyone would like to repeat this experience. If it were not for the hot lava and given the sacred opportunity to plunge into it after the high-speed “boost”. Anyway. Dreamed, and that's enough. Now let's better define how cool the Greedy Dwarf is and whether it is fun to flutter over hot lava while holding onto the handrails of a wooden wagon on wobbly wheels. Play best friv games this website.

Most certainly intrigues management. No left and right - all movement in a circle. Rescue bridges can be located on top and on the side, and even on the back side of the track. And then you need to do jumps. Yes, yes, being right in the trolley. We went up in the air for a short time - we saved our skin. Jumps are performed by one “tap”, which, in principle, is convenient.

And then the fun begins. Just manage to look around, turn in the right direction in time and somehow manage your “bolide” in high speed mode.

Why do we do this? For the sake of gold! By the way, it is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon, so the day promises to be fun. The most pleasant moment that happens in Greedy Dwarf, - this is a sudden (we emphasize - exactly this) transition in 2D. At such moments, the game begins to resemble a classic platformer with jumps and falls. Even less sudden change of poles, when our miner moves upside down, gives a special charm.

Levels of all 32, but the developers promise that the list will necessarily be updated with new ones. In fact, for such a runner is very critical. Because everything goes extremely quickly, and irrepressible excitement requires an additive.

In pursuit of gold, the most important thing is to pull up your pants in time and not be afraid of lava. We don’t mention the dragon at all. High-quality runner with a warm palette of colors - for a couple of evenings will do.

However, at first nothing foreshadowed such a development of events. Studio 2K Marin announced a shooter in the XCOM universe back in 2010, and then it looked like a kind of interactive version of Ghostbusters with nervous firing on black clots of creepy silicoids, subordinating American housewives to their will, and then carefully photographing and studying alien aggressors - the only way to find an effective weapon against them.

According to the original concept, the action took place in the USA in the 50s of the last century, the game used the view from the eyes and tried to combine the horror with the tactical control of the detachment. As the authors themselves admitted, the attempt was unsuccessful: there was little space left for command tactics in this concept. And this is still XCOM ! Apparently, fearing fan anger (although for many the idea of ​​making a shooter according to a well-known strategy was already blasphemy), they decided to remove the horror, photographing and studying aliens and other interesting things, included a third-person view, transferred the action to the 60s and after three years after the announcement was given a much less original, but really tactical shooter, resembling a stripped-down version of Mass Effect .

WhyMass Effect? Judge for yourself - The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a mixture of action and RPG, where you can “pump” characters, learn and use different futuristic skills in battle, and also choose replicas in the radial menu of dialogues, deciding how in a bad way - to behave with the interlocutor.

In the story, here we also save the Earth from alien invaders. Only the action takes place not in the distant future, but in the era of Elvis Presley , the Caribbean crisis and the Soviet “thaw”. And instead of the Reapers, we are threatened by sectoids and other "tadpoles" familiar from the XCOM universe.. The protagonist is somewhat similar to Captain Shepard - FBI agent Will Carter is also a natural leader who leads completely different people into battle and, if he wishes, knows how to find a common language with everyone, even with America’s main enemies - I mean with communists and aliens. (not all, really).

Pros: management; the Dragon; transitions in 2D.
Cons: this dragon itself is almost invisible; I would like more music.