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Centrifugal pumps for garden watering

The advantage of centrifugal pumps is their greater performance and uniform water pressure. But, and the cost of such pumps is much higher in comparison with conventional vibration pumps, such as "Kid" and "Trickle." I must say that these models have long and successfully established themselves as the best assistants for summer residents.

Their design is easy to use, they are easy to repair, they are unpretentious and affordable for almost everyone. A centrifugal pump, if it is a submersible type, must be in water, the level of which will correspond to its power. That is, it makes no sense to buy an expensive powerful centrifugal pump for irrigation and install it in a well with a water level of 4 meters, the above models will also cope with this task. And the point is not in a biased attitude towards imported products, which are unconditionally of impeccable quality at a high price. The thing is that if you install a centrifugal pump for irrigation, then calculate its power. Perhaps you have large fields, with plantations or a greenhouse for the industrial production of various products. Then the centrifugal pump for irrigation is simply irreplaceable, it will be able to provide water to your entire crop.

If it is distributed through pipes between the rows and a certain water pressure is established, then such a pump is a reliable assistant. But, it becomes useless when lifting water from a shallow well. Firstly, it will be costly for the money that you have to overpay for electricity. And secondly, even a relatively small power centrifugal pump, very quickly pump water from the well. In the end, the protective device will always trip against dry running and overheating of the motor. Another thing is if you purchase a surface centrifugal pump for irrigation, such models are designed for a small amount of water, are installed near the source of water intake and belong to the category of household centrifugal pumps.

It is necessary to focus on such a pump model that is capable of pumping 60 liters per minute, for watering the site, such a volume will be quite enough. If you use water for irrigation from a natural reservoir, and it contains a large amount of impurities from sand, silt, clay, algae, etc., special centrifugal pumps for dirty water are on sale. Most often, such devices are offered for sale from foreign manufacturers. Secure Tabs India