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How to make a sedative at home

Starting to read an article about beauty and health, the first thing you can do is bewildered by the question of how does homemade preparation of sedatives relate to the topic in question? However, the answer here is straightforward. After all, if you watch a chronically nervous, sleep-less person, who is infinitely late for meetings and drops everything from his hands, you can hardly call him healthy and attractive. But this is a value judgment. If you turn to medicine, you can learn that the permanent loss of nerve cells leads to stress, depression and even severe mental disorders. It affects mood, lifestyle and appearance. Hence the loss of youth, beauty, attractiveness. Therefore, the relationship of healthy peace and beauty - on the face.

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 If a person’s psychological state is critical, of course it is better not to postpone a visit to the doctor indefinitely, in order not to develop irreparable health problems on his own. If light, rare insomnia and a single emotional arousal caused by negative factors, disturbed the person, it is not necessary to resort to chemical drugs. A great analogue to this will be folk remedies.

 For example, if you mix in equal proportions dried mint leaves, motherwort and St. John's wort, take a tablespoon of the resulting composition and brew it with a glass of boiling water, holding the solution on the stove for about 15 minutes, you will get a wonderful potion for insomnia, which will be useful to use in the filtered form before bedtime, pre-letting brew for 30 minutes.

 One lavender fragrance is worth something. If a person often experiences nervous agitation, insomnia and anxiety, a bag of dry lavender on the bedside table or even directly under the pillow will help. Also, such a bag is convenient to carry in your purse. An alternative to the bag will be an essential oil, added in an amount of 1-2 drops to a humidifier, or an ordinary pan / kettle with boiling water. Such a vessel must be placed in the immediate vicinity of the bed. As long as the cooling water and the kettle evaporate, and the humidifier sprays the solution, it will act on the person as a sedative. Unobtrusive aroma, over time, will help to gain peace and good sleep.

 Another recipe for self sedative cooking. Taking a tablespoon of dill seeds, you need to pour them with a glass of cold water and boil for a quarter of an hour. Having insisted in a thermos for 8 hours, the drink will be ready for use. Also means, also, it is necessary to drink before going to bed.

 Observing psycho-emotional calm, a person will not only be healthy, but also beautiful, as a result.