The Man of Action Team

From the script for the movie "Particularly Important Mission" # 026

Gureev escorted Masha from the club.

“... We were sure that we would have a son,” said Gureev. - For a long time they could not choose a name. They argued until the last day, funny! And only in the evening, when I drove her to the hospital, they agreed: if there is a son, there will be Timur. And at four in the morning we were raised on alert.

Masha listened intently to the words, in Gureyev’s voice anticipating the tragic denouement.

- Only one link managed to take off ... I'm lucky ... - he repeated the joke gloomily. - And when he returned, there was no airfield, no regiment, no maternity hospital ... Only the name remained - Timur ...

They walked in silence for a long time. A massive gray building rose in the corner ahead. Masha stopped.

- I came...

Gureev grinned.

- So my rear time ends ...

Masha held out her hand, saying goodbye. Gureev held her. Masha carefully tried to free her elbow, he did not allow it, turned her to the light ...

“Maybe you don’t have to go to the front?” He said softly. - Your hands are tender ...

Cabinet. A sharp trill of a bell - Kirillov shone a pipe. Rubtsov called:

- Hello. Come to the regional committee!

- Something urgent? Asked Kirillov.

- Come, find out! - the phone rang.

Kirillov began to pack up. A personnel officer entered his office with his folder under his elbow.

“I can’t,” Kirillov told him. - Scars causes.

“Probably about yesterday’s state of emergency,” the personnel officer nodded.

- PE? - Kirillov stopped on the way to the door.

“The pilots from the sponsored regiment took the factory employee to the front,” the personnel officer said pointedly.

- Here are the horsemen! - Kirillov laughed. - They gave them airplanes, they gave shooters, so they still kidnap brides! - He began to put on his greatcoat.

- The surname Dzhigita is known: Major Gureev, Hero of the Soviet Union, no more. Report to command?

- What for? - Kirillov grimaced. - Flew away and okay, survive. And you decided that because of this I was called to the regional committee?

- There is one subtlety ... - the personnel officer looked at him probingly. “The name of the employee Kirillov ... M. Ye.” He added the initials.

- Masha ?! - The overcoat, not fully worn, slid off Kirillov’s shoulder.

“Your wife,” the Qiwi personnel officer.

“Well, how long can I babysit you?” - Demchenko thundered on Kirillov, judging by his appearance, he arrived at the regional committee directly from the airfield. - Whatever the pothole - you swum, that no bump - you stumble! And from this story I don’t know how you and I will get out!

“Sorry, but this, as you say, story concerns me personally,” Kirillov said grimly.

- No, really! It’s not personal, it smells like a personal thing!

“If so, then I will answer along the party line,” Kirillov nodded at Rubtsov. - What does the people's commissar have to do with it?

- So, your factory is not a people's commissariat already ?! - Demchenko was indignant.

“You didn’t tell him what the matter was,” Rubtsov stopped him. He turned to Kirillov. “Two silt crashed in your sponsored division.” Both for one reason - breakdown, how are they? - He looked at Demchenko.

- Spars elevators! He minted, staring at Kirillov at point blank range.

“... which you did yourself.” finished Rubtsov.

- Profiles ?! - exhaled Kirillov.

“They brought a present to the guards!” - thundered Demchenko. - Planes take off from the factory, but they don’t reach the front! Nothing strange, you know, the chain turns out!

“Well, why so soon,” said Rubtsov, not looking at Demchenko. - Glue labels ... To understand everything first ...

“We have a day or two,” answered Demchenko. “What else happened at your factory, did you say?”

“Nothing at the factory ...” said Kirillov. $5 deposit casino