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How not to write a coursework

Reading most of the coursework leaves the impression that students take the writing of a paper as a kind of magical ritual. Every year the professors get a good hundred works that cause nothing but bewilderment. Not even the services that offer paper writing service are immune. The reason for producing a bad paper is ignoring the objectives of the text and, as a result, its incoherence and unstructuredness.

What is wrong with most students

How do you get a bad paper? Let's suppose that the topic is: "Crocodiles, hippopotamuses and their importance for the national economy." This is not a good topic since it is not clear from it what kind of result is required to be obtained. Depending on the formulation of the problem, this would be the title of a thesis, a dissertation, or even an eight-volume monograph. The unpleasant truth is that for the most part, the topics of coursework are exactly that.

A quintessential bad paper

Confused into a state of uncertainty, the student writes the following mumbo jumbo:

Crocodiles and hippos are widespread in the First World. Therefore, in the process of transition to a post-industrial economy, crocodiles and hippos are of paramount importance.

Crocodiles are green.

Hippopotamuses are thick-skinned.

Crocodiles are green, but hippos are thick-skinned. Crocodiles and hippos are of so much use.

In this short example, there are all the basic mistakes that do not just ruin but destroy a paper. Here they are:

How to do it right

Here is the same lame topic, but the paper itself is written well. Read the example below.

The purpose of this work is to study and describe the value of crocodiles and hippos for the national economy. The objective of this work is to get answers to the following questions:

 Do crocodiles and hippos have a commercial value?

 How can crocodiles and hippos be used in industrial production?

Crocodiles have green skin (Brehm, 2009).

Hippos have thick skin (Smith, 1973).

Crocodiles: green-skinned, good for handbags

Hippos: thick-skinned, good for suitcases

Crocodiles and hippos can be used as raw materials in leatherworking. Thus, crocodiles and hippos are of commercial value.

Brehm, Animal Life, Oxford University Press, 2009

Smith, J. Hippopotamuses and their skin. Bulletin of Zoology, No.5, 1973