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GreedFall – One of the Best Intriguing Fantasy Games

GreedFall – an Exciting RPG with the Spirit of 17th Century

It goes without saying that games based on commonly-used plots and without attention grabber in their stories can quickly become annoying. GreedFall is a breath of fresh air for those players who want to try something unusual.
GreedFall isn’t a typical RPG because it completely reveals its story with all exciting moments and intrigue available in it. It is saturated with the spirit of the 17th century and the atmosphere of an unknown and unexplored island where all actions take place. Players, represented by the game’s characters, will face a lot of problems connected with a mysterious disease and the island inhabitants.
Unlike the similar game – Project Awakening – the release date of this game wasn’t a big secret. It was successfully launched in 2019 and, before long, captured the attention of many players around the globe. GreedFall is developed for PS4, Windows and Xbox1.

The island full of adventures and challenges

The game story is built on a player’s arrival to a new island. His name is De Sardet, he has an important mission on the island, and he should be very polite and have good communicative skills in order to settle everything.
He gets a lot of tasks to do: to explore the place, find a common language with its citizens, fight against enemies when it is necessary, find a method to cure the disease, which appeared on it, and, of course, search for hidden treasure. It is important to mention that the inhabitants are unique because supernatural forces protect them. The major goal for the character to find the balance between his decisions and the islanders’ desires and the way of life. There are also two main finals in this exciting story and a gamer can choose between them. De Sardet should decide whether he kills his cousin who is impacted by the mysterious island forces, or supports him and comes under the influence of these powers as well.
Even the announcement of Project Awakening PC release date won’t tear you away from GreedFall. You will surely enjoy the process of changing the game’s story: every action you do reflects in further events, which makes the plot even more interesting. In addition to this, you will find a lot of difficult and, at the same time, challenging moments in which you should think logically and strategically.
As for functionality in the game, players can apply a variety of tools in fights. For example, one can select among different styles to use while combating a rival. The game’s toolkit includes several types of weapons and … magical elements are one of them.
This game has some similar fantasy features with the much-awaited game Project Awakening, PS4 release date of which hasn’t been announced yet. However, Project Awakening has an absolutely different plot – a player appears in the world occupied by creatures who are stronger than people. Read about the possible launch date of the game here
After GreedFall’s launch, its developers received much feedback from players and they were quite ambiguous and controversial. Some people are sure that the game is worth playing because it consists of interesting moments that make a story complete and arouse the desire to come to the end. Others criticize the game for being too tedious and boring sometimes. However, as a role-playing game based on fantasy principles, GreedFall can definitely take a place in the list of the most impressive games.