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X Rebirth: Overview Kizi Game

Space simulators originated once upon a time, in the days of Elite and Space Raiders . Their history is rather confusing, and even its experienced admirers are not taken to reveal the ancestor of the genre. But the title of the standard eventually deserved a series of games X from the German company Egosoft . At the dawn of the 21st century, in 1999, X: Beyond the Frontier marked the beginning of the lineup of cosmosyms with the unique romance of the vast expanses of the universe, the exploration of sectors and futuristic battles with pirates. Then the long hours of interstellar cargo transportation and ornate dialogues in a very aggressive environment attracted no less similar in the concept of "Corsairs" and "Truckers". But times are changing, as well as preferences, X developers themselves have gained experience . The series was to be reborn. X Rebirth waited for many years. But no one, even in the most terrible nightmares, could have imagined that during the restarting period, different Egosoft classics could fall face down in the dirt.

From the very beginning to the very end, X followed the concept of a large sandbox. The player was in the thick of things as an inexperienced pilot of the ship. He survived, traded and explored the world. With the help of the plot, the game showed what to do. In X, he never had a special role, as in Mass Effect , for example . Sooner or later you were sent to conquer the stellar spaces. X Rebirth in a similar way uses the storyline for comfortable immersion of beginners in the "X-Universe". Try to play on the best portal of online kizi games today and you will see that the entertainment industry is developing at a tremendous pace.

World Xhas always been huge. It consists of sectors. They represent a small area of ​​outer space that is not directly related to other sectors. The stargates built by the ancient race of the Forerunners are portals for jumping between clusters - sector associations. For example, X3: Terran Conflict included about 200 such areas. In X Rebirth they were significantly reduced in number and size, dividing the sector into zones. Egosoft explains this decision by the desire to make each area unique and memorable.

And, it should be noted, the designers did their best. Any modular station for trade, production or fleet basing is distinguished by something special. And nearby there are certainly various objects like asteroids, a dead ship, a giant star or space debris. The total number of interesting for each sector is increased significantly. Giant colossus, fighters, merchants and many other NPCs in incredible numbers inhabit X Rebirth . And they honestly move between the key points. Trade, fight, communicate with each other and react to the actions of the player. With the help of new physics, we can even “pull” to a large spaceship and travel with it.

For the movement between the sectors of the sectors held high-speed lines. Enough to fly into the stream - it will pick you up and be quiet to the nearest exit point. Interplanetary flights are now carried out according to a similar scheme. With their help, the authors decided to save the players from long hours of waiting for the path, although in reality the situation has changed little. Transportation of goods still take a prohibitively long time. But the stargate is no longer working. In X Rebirth , there was an unknown problem with them that turned off all portals. At this event part of the plot is tied.

From the very beginning, we are in the Albion sector. Jonferco Corporation has built trunks on the basis of transorbital accelerators throughout space. With their help, construction of large settlements with branches of key sectors of the economy was started in free sectors. It was only after turning off the portals to establish communication between the populated areas of space turned out to be difficult. The Commonwealth of Planets fell apart, and the Alliance of Worlds appeared with the goal of restoring a habitual way of life, trade and development.

The main goal in X Rebirth is to help the Alliance as much as possible. Against the background of rumors about the possibility of restoring the gates in space, various forces begin to act. Compared to X3: Terran Conflictsignificant changes have taken place in the world. Some sectors, being cut off from state associations, changed production chains, began to focus on other resources and take completely unexpected political decisions in order to survive in difficult times. The true fans of the series will appreciate such a deep dive into the history of the X .

X Rebirth is permeated with freedom of action, which is seasoned with movements through stations, visits to compartments on your own ship, communication with NPCs, improved artificial intelligence, and, of course, better-tuned graphics. Separate praise deserves amazing sound quality. Of course, in space, it does not apply, but X Rebirthfull of impressive authentic sounds of working plants, a series of asteroids rushing by, effects of explosions and stunning melodies of the composer Alexei Zakharov . The first impressions of the game gives it its atmosphere!

Then, in the early stages of the study of the universe, we learn the features of the gameplay. The secondary character in the face of partner Yisha (Yisha) periodically helps us in passing. Apparently, it was about such help that the developers said when they promised a low entry threshold for beginners - an easy and unobtrusive training mode within a common story. For this, the intricate X3 interface has also been replaced : Terran Conflictto interact with the NPC. The ship status indicator and other information that previously occupied the space on the screen was transferred to the cockpit onboard elements.

The game greatly simplified management, which is clearly sharpened by a gamepad. In X Rebirth, circular menus with small text are used for orders, trading and choosing other actions. Egosoftdid not provide any customization of the interface. The protagonist is placed inside the ship with a first-person view. It is a pity, but we cannot turn our heads and look around. You can not adjust the FOV level to expand the viewing angle. Because of this, a very interesting battle system becomes uncomfortable. We have to be on guard - the flanks are not visible, and the rear is always vulnerable. Although some kind of comfort can be achieved using a controller with analog sticks. It is curious that X Rebirth does not support joysticks for flight simulators.

To expand our space business, we have the right to create our own stations. We hire a construction platform, place automated welders on it, choose the location of the future base and its type. Then we bring all the necessary resources. And there is an opportunity to recruit for this trader-NPC. The progress of construction is displayed visually - new modules appear. The whole process takes a significant part of the game time. But it is not at all necessary for us to be personally present at the construction site. You can, for example, go to spy on competitors.

In general, the economic system of the series has always been subject to complex processes. The general world situation, war and competition can knock it out of balance. For example, in factories and stations, goods and resources tend to accumulate. If they get too much, prices start to fall. Stocks are depleted during a war or a robbery — then prices are rising. A dynamic economy has always been a skate of German developers. Egosoft , in turn, seriously tied the pricing system for game events.

Nice to know that in X Rebirththe economy was polished to the brilliance and subdued to sound logic. The same resources do not appear in the warehouses of stations or miners simply out of thin air. It all depends on the level of production of factories and their location. With a surplus of goods, more and more NPCs come after him, taking all the available units and shipping them to another star system. There they devastate the hold of their ship and replenish the stocks of local stations. A player can influence competition in sectors and use price dynamics to their advantage.

With competitors do not necessarily stand on ceremony. Everyone decides for himself what he will do. Trading is only a link between aspects of all X Rebirth. The player is free to go to explore the vast expanses of the universe from the very beginning. The “free flight” mode bypasses the training part in the form of a story campaign. Battles with pirates, the construction of new stations, the purchase of a space manufactory or the hiring of an agent ... A huge number of classes, typical of the entire series, returned to Rebirth.

No smoke without fire, as they say. When you see a remote battle, you can decide to join the battle or wait until all the ships are weak. You do not like Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag? Unlike the previous parts of the series, remote armed disassemblies are completely identical to those in which the player participates. Even in the neighboring zone, NPCs maneuver and evade projectiles, use different tools to defeat fast or slow targets, capture weak ones and flee from strong opponents.