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Feelings are not masters, but servants of the mind. Yoga and detachment.

Feelings are not masters, but servants of the mind

In essence, the function of the mind is to exercise control over the senses. The task of the senses is to serve the mind, and the natural state of things is when the servants obey the master, and the master commands the servants. But when the servants begin to dominate the master, his inevitable fate is all kinds of losses and sorrows.

We find a beautiful illustration of this truth in the Ramayana. Queen Kaikeyi had a maid, the old nanny of Mantara, but the Queen fell under her influence, which led to a series of tragic events. The queen belonged to the illustrious royal dynasty, was the beloved wife of the famous king, the mother of Bharata, known for her righteousness and fidelity to duty, she loved Rama, the son of the eldest queen, more than her life. And, despite her virtue, scholarship and authority, she forever condemned herself to dishonor, because she obeyed the advice of her maidservant. It came to the point that her beloved son Bharatha rejected her with contempt. Even the names “Kaikeyi” and “Mantara” began to sound like an insult.

What is the lesson? We should not allow the senses, just our servants, to command us. If we allow this, the fate of Kaikeyi awaits us. And whoever you are, even if you are rich, learned, and influential, but if you advise someone to do wrong, the fate of Mantara awaits you. Since people succumb to persuasion of feelings, they become “kaikeys” and lose the divine nature, the quality of the Master.

To save the water of a large river, we use reservoirs. But before you let the water into the reservoir, you need to make sure that the locks are closed - otherwise the water rushes through the locks and cannot be saved for the good of the cause. Gak and agpma-shakti (inner spiritual strength) must be sent through the channel of buddhi (mind, or intellect) into the reservoir of the mind (manas). But we can use this power for our own good and for the prosperity of the whole world only when the five “gateways” - outward-directed feelings - are tightly closed. Closing the gateways is the process described in the Yoga Shastra of the sage Patanjali as the elimination of the “twists” of the mind - chittavritti nirodha.

The mind has a special purpose: achieving the four goals of human existence - dharma, artha, kama and moksha, and one must come to a prosperous, happy life (artha) in a righteous way (with the help of dharma '), and desires (kesha) should contribute to liberation (moksha) .

The mind is not at all intended for the accumulation of greed, hatred, pride and a sense of ownership. This must be firmly believed. The wind catches the clouds and scatters them just as quickly. The mind can create conditions for both addiction and liberation. So you need to gradually weaken the bonds of attachment to the body and its components, the senses. Feelings steal physical and mental strength from us.

Are all beings living in the body and moving with the body attached to it, to the senses, and everything else that relates to the body? After all, God comes as an avatar, too, with a body and, being among people, it seems the same person as everyone - depending on who sees how. But there is one crucial difference. The incarnate God, the avatar, is not affected by anything. He possesses ward (indifference to the results), while an ordinary person, clothed in a body, has a strong interest in the results (apeksha). The human principle is “I”, “mine”; the divine principle is Brahman (absolute). Even if you look at Him, listen to him, you will not notice the difference. You can understand only through experience, experience. The avatar has no desires, he has no selfishness. He is forever alone in the divine essence (brahmatva).

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