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What is euro lining and how to choose it

Lining is a well-known universal material for facing both during internal and external works. But, in addition to ordinary lining, there are its special variants and varieties. For example, in the domestic market there is the so-called euro lining. What is characteristic of this material? How to choose it correctly? It is worth answering such questions.

What is an eurolining

At first glance, it seems that the lining is no different from ordinary. It has the same spikes and grooves, a ventilation groove, but there are no through holes. The difference is that the lining is made from exceptionally high-quality wood and has almost perfectly calibrated geometry.

The width of the euro-lining panels excluding the spike is exactly 88 mm. Thickness is from 12 to 16 mm. The maximum length of the element is 6 m. But most often, euro-lining options up to 3 m long are used. This is enough to carry out the majority of finishing events.

Features of the choice of eurolining

If the material is purchased from a responsible seller, you can especially not think about the choice. After all, the lining is a modern, high-quality material with excellent practical characteristics. But sometimes doubts remain. In addition, the lining itself can be made in different ways. What to consider when buying?

1. The class of eurolining. The highest quality is characteristic for lining of the Extra class. It never has defects, traces of knots, but it also costs the most. If you need to save money, you can buy class C material. But you must immediately prepare that this product is slightly worse in terms of aesthetic capabilities.

2. Wood for the manufacture of eurolining. For most types of decorating events larch lining is suitable. This is a material with medium resinity and excellent moisture resistance. Lining from oak, beech and other materials can also be purchased. But they are primarily valued for their strength and durability.

3. The general condition of the material. Production defects are rare. But before the sale, the lining could be stored in different ways. If you see that the wood is twisted, there are cracks on it, the waterproof packaging is damaged, it is better to try to buy the product in another place.

Having bought a quality eurolining, the owner will get an excellent result of repair work. The material will perfectly serve and create a favorable microclimate. Play Pin Up Casino online. Videoslots, pin-up girls in real games.