Joe Casey on CBRís Comics Should Be Good!

Posted by MOA on May 8, 2012

CBRís Random Thoughts are out and Man Of Action Joe Casey answers another random question from the guys at Comics Should Be Good. + Some random comments from Chris, Wil and Travis!

Random Joe Casey Question!

In the short semi-autobiographical story you did with Sean Phillips, ďAutopilot,Ē you seem to talk around the idea that, working as a writer in mainstream comics, you basically have three areas you have to service: your own creative interests, your professional interests/the interests of your employer, and the interests of the audience. The conclusion you come to suggests that itís near impossible to satisfy all three (hell, itís difficult to satisfy one of them completely, I imagine). Do you place any of them as your priority usually? Whatís the closest youíve come to satisfying all three do you think? HellÖ do you care about satisfying all three? (Also, did I just miss the point completely and am creating a question off of a false assumption?)

Random Joe Casey Answer!

I really donít think Iíve ever satisfied all three. And, really, you miss out on a lot of the fun involved in the creative process when youíre chasing any of them. If your artistic sensibilities happen to cross over with the sensibilities of the audience, then good for you. As for my ďprofessional interestsĒ, itís been a good long while since those have been any real consideration for me. Which is how it should be.

These days, Iím usually out to service my own creative interests exclusively. I figure, if I can do that to a satisfactory degree, then at the very least Iím being honest with myselfÖ and if an audience is receptive to that work, then I guess I win. And Iíd rather connect with an audience in a genuine way rather than blatantly pander to them to get them on my side. I already work in mass entertainment media, where youíre trying to please everyone and their picky-ass mother. So I know the difference from first-hand experience.

Iím quite content with comicbooks being a niche market, like poetry or jazz. I didnít used to feel that way. Ten or twelve years ago, I really wanted comicbooks to be on par with movies and TV. Then I came to my sensesÖ because theyíre obviously so much better than those other entertainment mediumsÖ!

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