March 11, 2009


Posted by Steven T. Seagle on March 11, 2009

How weird is this? Exactly 20 years ago to the day, THE AMAZON wound its way into comic shops. Billed as the first comic book “eco-series” the environmentally-themed series was the first color work of both myself and rising superstar artist Tim Sale.

Now, exactly twenty years to the day later, THE AMAZON is winding its way back into comic shops. The eco-series is still (sadly) relevant, and the adventure through a besieged timber mining operation deep in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest is still a high water mark in Tim’s brilliantly moody storytelling.

Oh yeah, and the whole story has been strikingly re-colored by Matt Hollingsworth.

Oh yeah, and the whole book has been redesigned.

Oh yeah, and each of the three issues features extras like unseen production materials and an ongoing conversation between Tim and me.
Oh yeah!

Here’s a preview.

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